50 Great Date Ideas

1) Dinner Date – Number one way to find out a lot about your date in a short amount of time. Go to a quite restaurant and ask for a booth. Don’t do all the talking, relax and learn. If everything works out, you will come back to this same restaurant for anniversaries to come talking about, "Remember our first date….."

2) Dancing – It has been around since the beginning of time. Many studios offer sessions for first-timers and couples but if that is a little over the edge, consider booking a private lesson for the 2 of you.

3) Be creative – one couple did a triathlon of activities they both liked. One date consisted of foosball. Pac-man, and pizza-eat. Another date consisted of skating, Connect Four, and M&M-eating. Pick out 3 things you both like and have some Fun!

4) Saturday brunch – Find out what your date likes this time of day. You can ether go out to a local restaurant or do it at home in your PJ’s. A good way to find out if they are a morning person or not.

5) Take a class at your local college or university - You can see cool authors or take in a student work shop. Try something new, take that trail less traveled.

6) Stargaze - Get familiar with the cosmos and head outdoors to see who can spot the North Star and Big Dipper first. Many observatories, parks, and local colleges also offer public viewing nights with guided “star tours” and discussions.

7) Birdwatching – Road trip to the Many areas to find your local bird habitat. Look for the colors and the songs and see what you like. Or you can use it as an excuse to get lost in the woods and engage in a wild makeout session.

8) Water search - Getting on the water is one of my favorite things to do. Check for boat tours that are offered through daily deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial; look for a sunset one for ultimate romance potential.

9) Comedy central - Find an Improv show – anything that get you and your date smiling and laughing is a move in the right direction. You find out what level of humor your partner has, for better or worse. Plus, generally way cheaper than buying seats for "traditional" theater, the improvisers often ask for audience participation — and sell beer in the back.

10) Go visit a Brewery – You might even learn something, plus you get to drink in the middle of the day and not made to feel guilty about it. Find one by calling a microbrewery in a city near you.

11) DJ class today - DJs are even cooler than rock stars and with plenty of DJ academies springing up around the country, just run a Google search for one in your area and schedule a lesson for you and your partner. Your iTunes will never be the same.

12) Local farmer’s market – Great fresh food, and an opportunity to find out what the other likes and dislikes are. Buy some fresh veggies for tonight’s dinner that the 2 of you can make together. And yes a bottle of wine or 2 would be a good thing with some awesome music in the background. Top off with some candles and you will do this one more than once!

13) Disposable camera day - Shut off the smartphone and buy a disposable camera. Great way to unplug while still capturing the fun and memorable moments. Take these memories and turn them into a scrapbook for a holiday or anniversary gift.

14) Flea market - Check it out. Gives you a chance to do a road trip to the flea market, and you never know what you will see there and a great way of finding out likes and dislikes of your date. Who knew she was into Harley Davidson memorabilia.

15) Kayaking – spend the day on the nearest river or lake. Many of the parks offer discounted day rentals. This makes for an easy going, relaxing day while enjoying the sights, and burn some calories.

16) Train for a race together – hitting the pavement to train for a race can bring the two fo you closer and help you both hold yourselves accountable for training days. Plus a study showed that couples that shared sweating activities get lucky in the sheets more often – just saying.

17) Rent a couple of bikes – go cruise around on rented two-wheelers on the cheap. Grab some cruisers and explore the local scene for a few hours.

18) Hiking – go check out some beautiful landscapes along your local park, lake or river. You two can talk, and get some exercise – a win-win afternoon.

19) Dance class – many clubs offer discounted cover charges to get beginners in. This way you get to find out which one of you is the next dancing with the stars contestant and which one of you is going to be in the audience?

20) Fitness class – Crossfit or kickboxing, check it out with your partner. Many clubs offer free or discounted intro classes so you can cheer each other on. Plus working out with your pal can inspire you to push yourself.

21) Coffee shop hop – nothing like a good cup of joe on a weekend morning. Take the opportunity to map out a combination of favorite coffee shops and set out to try a dark roast or a seasonal latte. Split the drinks so you’re not super high on caffeine. Perks – research shows coffee can be good for you, helping stave off dementia and Alzheimer’s.

22) Melt some cheese tonight – Nothing like a pot of melted goodness for the cheese addict in the two of you. And if you want to change the fondue up you can go to the sweet side and melt some Hershey bars and add some healthy strawberries….get creative….

23) Pub hoping mixed with craft beer tasting – Many of the local bars offer smaller serving sizes for taste testing. Perfect for checking out the world of stouts, ales, lagers, and IPA's. Best part is you are not only learning what you like but what your partner's likes are.

24) Healthy cookie night – Nothing like some good music playing in the background with the smell of fresh out of the oven cookies! Dip in milk, or crumbled on top of ice cream, the ultimate comfort dessert. Change it up by making a healthier version – try mixing an avocado in and be in for a delish surprise!

25) Game on – Battleship, checkers, chess, or clue. I 'Highly' recommend alcohol to raise the stakes

26) Foreign movie night – Check out an international film but try not reading the subtitles and guess what plot is by just watching. Remember the idea is to change things up – do not get stuck in a rut – a road less traveled.

27) Massage on – Nothing better after a tough week of work then to get a Great rub down. Add candles, music and lavender oil – feeling better yet?!!

28) Mini flick night – Remember the drive in days? No car needed – just rent or stream a new flick on your lap top and cuddle up in the backyard, rooftop, or in the backseat of the car. Don’t forget the popcorn.

29) Intern bartender – Skip the noisy bar scene for the night. Make up seasonal adult beverages like mojitos, margaritas, and martini's. See who can make the best drink and make sure to write them down for the next lesson.

30) Museum walk – Quiet time with your partner learning about the past while getting some exercise in.

31) Tourist – Who doesn’t love playing tourist? Check out your local landmarks, parks, and other attractions you’ve never seen in your local area.

32) Aquarium – Going to an aquarium is one of those calming experiences the 2 of you can hold hands while gazing into the depths of the oceans.

33) Volunteer – Dedicate a day to helping others is one of the most rewarding things we all get to experience and doing this with your partner only makes it that much better. Local food pantry, hanging out with senior citizens, or cleaning up a local park – many local opportunities here.

34) New class together – Culinary is my favorite but there's many to choose from – check out Groupon for classes (and great deals) in your area.

35) Trivia night – Many of your local bars have friendly competitions on specific genre or TV series with some even offering cash prizes.

36) Book reading – Coffee shops and local bars host these to showcase novels, short stories, biographies, and poetry. Upcoming works may even feature the author in a lecture or A&A afterwards.

37) Fire time – Wither you have a fireplace, fire pit or do a bomb fire, there is something about the flames that brings out the best in all of us. Have a glass of wine or have a shot of tequila with whatever type of music the 2 of you like and enjoy each other’s company telling stories of each other’s lives.

38) Picture time – Make it your focus to take an assortment of photos throughout the night. Funny, silly, serious, and don’t forget strange. Makes great memories and you can have them printed up for the mantel.

39) Find a Fair – Nothing like going to the fair to play the games, crowd watch, and win a stuffed animal.

40) Karaoke night – Find out which one of you are meant to be on 'The Voice' or maybe you are both going to be on there for a duet. Let your hair down and have some fun with it. This is a great place to show your less serious side to your date.

41) Gourmet grocery shopping – Your gourmet stores close to you serves a ton of samples on the weekends. Go and find some new taste treats for appetizers. Also another great place to people watch and make up stories on what you think that person's life is.

42) Road trip – Jump in the car and hit the road. Don’t have a place in mind, just flip a coin on going east or west and let the road show you the way. Keep an eye open for cool shops, restaurants, and flea markets to stop in and see what you find. Memories in the making.

43) Bucket list building – Compare yours and your dates bucket list. See what you have been missing so you can add it to yours. Great place for ideas is the book store, so many categories to choose from, take a note pad and pen along.

44) Visit your local nursery – Great place to see bright colors, smell the flowers, and find a plant for home to bring new life to your home.

45) Wine tasting – There are so many winery’s out there now you could make this a full time job to get to all of them. When you are tasting the different wines make sure to have a glass of water to drink in between the different wines, makes a big difference on the tastes of each wine.

46) Morning matinee – For the movie buff in all of us try a Saturday morning matinee. You will be amazed at not fighting the crowds, noise, and prices.

47) Mud run – Get dirty, sweaty, and burn some calories. You have to work in tandem, which is a fantastic way to do some bonding.

48) Picnic – Grab your blanket, favorite snacks, and a book and head to the park or beach. You can add in a bottle of wine and the mood is set – Enjoy!

49) Card games – Let your date pick out the game and you can chose the next time. Crazy eight is favorite and when you get into the 2nd or 3rd game call for a pizza.

50) Zoo time – Who does not like going to the zoo to look at what our creator has placed on this great planet. Take selfies of the 2 of you with the gorilla photo bombing you.

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