Broadcast the energy of your I.Connect for yourself, family, tea​m and environment

The I.Connect has found its true relationship in the We.Connect to be the center of this lovely lotus-like structure for your home or office to broadcast health, well-being and connection to all that is. As the We.Connect turns on its base with colored lights, it radiates universal frequencies that are aligned with your I.Connect for pure, elevated connections (relationships) that source your life. It creates an ambiance of ease, relaxation, clarity, expansion and creativity. It oscillates within the bands of a deeply relaxed sense of ‘rightness’ to a sense of energized focus. Whether in a home or professional environment, better communication, connection and flow is apparent, so that people can co-create in more harmonious ways. Just as a flock of birds all know how and when to move in unison, the vibrational cohesion facilitated by the We.Connect offers a similar field to operate in a spirit of right relationship.

  • The We.Connect broadcasts the energy of your I.Connect, when placed on top, for many miles and increases the potency of your I.Connect.
  • Place the We.Connect next to your bed, meditation space, alter or healing environment. It works effectively in an office, classroom, store or anywhere you choose, to enhance people’s abilities to understand and work together in harmony.
  • ​It is pleasurable to relax and gaze into the center of the We.Connect (without your I.Connect on it) and enjoy a meditative experience with the illumined colors.
  • Place your left hand over the We.Connect and focus the healing energies passing through you which can be directed flowing out your right hand.
“The We.Connect helped to empower everybody and everything that transpired at the event, so we could receive the high magnitude of transformational benefits at the optimal level. Energies broadcast by the We.Connect support the process of integration and evolutionary shift for the value of experiences to grow ”
Gregory R. 

Directions for Setting up the We.Connect


Place the Causal Ring over the black stand so that the silver wires are on the outside edge.


The Causal Ring has spirals with magnets on one side of the ring. Place the ring with the magnets pointing upward. The direction has a minor effect on the energy flow.


Use a compass or app on your Smartphone to align the Causal Ring North / South with any 2 opposite points of the silver wire triangles.


Place the light stand on the black stand. Now place the broadcaster on top of both stands. (You are creating a 4 layer stack.)


To turn on the revolving light stand, press the on/off button (several times) until the desired direction is achieved (as seen from above). Counterclockwise is for physical healing and structural shifts. Clockwise flow creates interactions with others for co-creative projects, teamwork, etc. Turn on the motor each day for 30-60 minutes using an intention for what you choose to create in your environment. It is not necessary to keep it running, since your intent and initial time sets the energy flow for the day.


The We.Connect motor runs on 110/120-volt current. Many places in the world use 220/240 – volt current, which will not work for the We.Connect motor and may damage it or the adaptor if attempted. Batteries may be used for the lights only. They do not provide enough current to turn the motor.

To run your We.Connect on 220/240 volt current you need to purchase a step down voltage convertor that transforms the current from 220 volts to 110 volts you then plug the We.Connect adaptor into the convertor. The motor only draws a few watts so any entry level convertor may be used and can usually be found online for $10 or less.


Place your I.Connect on top of the We.Connect blades as shown. The energy of the I.Connect will broadcast to you and bring a greater clarity and connection to Source for all in the environment.

The We.Connect and I.Connect are powerful tools that create coherence and health by overcoming chaotic electro-magnetic frequencies and radiation. The greatest outcomes you can have are when you consciously work with your intent. Notice what you are experiencing and learn from each opportunity. As things happen that may be an example of limitations from your habits and patterns, recognize that you are empowered to focus with fresh intent and open yourself to accept love, compassion and the greater gifts of life.

We.Connect only: $398

We.Connect with Advanced I.Connect: $508

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