Poppy & Geoff Spencer | Relational Experts
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We're Poppy and Geoff Spencer, certified coaches, speakers, radio show hosts and authors who have been through the ups and downs of relationships with others and each other. We work to create a safe place where you can be comfortable to discuss what's on your mind and how we can help you in your self improvement journey. We’ve made it our life passion to help people understand relationships. We’re about making well-informed decisions that allow you to open your mind and heart.


For years, friends and family loved hearing our journey of how we met, so much so that we decided to write it down. One Billion Seconds is a beautiful story of how love can transcend time and bring two souls together.


For those who need one on one attention, we offer services as certified coaches to work through any relationship issue you may have in your life. If you need to talk, we're here for you.


Available everywhere, our radio show The Relationship Restaurant is a weekly radio show where we interview a fascinating guest and discuss their journey and how you can improve your own relationships.