Poppy & Geoff Spencer | When Poor Business Practices Totally Eclipse the Actual Event
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When Poor Business Practices Totally Eclipse the Actual Event

This is not your grandfather’s nor your great-grandfather’s run on the bank. No, this eclipse frenzy is much more than that. We got in on the run late. Really late. Like this past Thursday afternoon late.

Around 2 pm EST Thursday afternoon, August 17, we got the whim to hop online to check for the remote chance there might be certified eclipse eyewear still out there in the planetary system. Amazon, the common first go-to source, only had third party availabilities.

​For the next 63 minutes, the quest for eclipse viewers of any kind with individual businesses began.

Each of the eight businesses we found that sold the eclipse eyewear from state-of-the-art binoculars to paper folding viewers, all required you to create your order with contact and billing info, first. Upon checkout 4-8 minutes later (depending on the “bogged-down-ness” of the site) and entering the credit card information, we saw that the “shipping” read: “Delivered between August 23 and August 28.” Really?


And so it went seven more times, and with it, the erosion of trust.

Except for this site:

https://www.greatamericaneclipse.com/eclipse-viewing/ which told you right smack dab on their store landing page that the eclipse viewers were SOLD OUT. Those other eight businesses created a totality of an epic fail.

When the two, three or maybe even four generations before you did business, chances are, they all knew one another. The local banker went to church with them. They lived next door. A handshake was as good as a legal agreement. Ethics were rarely drawn into question.

Today? Unethical behaviors rear their ugly head more often than not. It’s hard to tell from the virtual global storefront, who will be ethical. And with access to today’s worldwide customer service platform, you would think businesses wouldn’t dare turn a blind eye to what their potential customers might say about them in the blogosphere.

We would venture that the marketing departments of these 8 business that we searched, spend thousands of dollars to market their products. Why wouldn’t more businesses anticipate that potential customers do not want to be ensnared into a false premise by going through the entire ordering process, only to learn after close to 10 minutes that there is no more product availability? And how does the KLT (the Know, Like, and Trust) factor into their now, compromised reputation?

We give 5 stars to The Great American Eclipse for having the customer-first awareness to let people know right away their eclipse viewing inventory is gone.

Price gouging aside, we were able to order paper eyewear from a business with overnight shipping. And we had to order in bulk. So we did, and the exorbitant shipping cost didn’t bother us as much as the ¼ partial shipment. We assume the remainder of the required order will be delivered August 23.

At our local Farmer’s Market Saturday morning, we handed out the eclipse viewers like candy at a Fourth of July parade, not considering that the company would renege on it’s guaranteed delivery Saturday by noon. Yes, we can probably get our money back. But the ethicality of this transaction really bugs us. Yes, we can go on one of these customer review top Alexa ranking sites to share our review: Google my Business; https://www.facebook.com/ ; https://www.amazon.com/ ; https://www.yelp.com/sf but we’d rather expend our energy praising what’s right.

So, thank you, https://www.greatamericaneclipse.com/, for treating us with truthfulness. We will be back in 7 years on the Next Solar Eclipse in US on April 8, 2024 and of course, will order proper viewing eyewear from your store, way in advance.


Poppy and Geoff are Licensed, Certified New Life Story Coaches, relationship and parenting experts, “Millennial Translators,” national speakers, authors of a #1 Bestseller, One Billion Seconds: There’s Still time to Discover Love, and Radio Show hosts who offer counseling for modern relationships with real results. Their 40+ years of working with multiple generations in the workplace garners them the title of “Millennial Translators.” With their trademarked diagnostic communication tool, and their proprietary programs, Poppy and Geoff help individuals, parents, CEO’s, managers, and Millennials, improve heart-healthy communication. Many of their clients come to them when in transition, and Poppy and Geoff help them gracefully transition from a job, or an unhealthy relationship.​