My Story

First of all thank you for stopping by. Let me introduce myself, I am Roger Linde, founder of FindOneToday. You might be asking yourself, "Why? Why in the world would you want to start a dating site against giants out there like Match, POF, and eHarmony? " The why is actually easy, I honestly started this company for you. But as Paul Harvey would say, "And now for the rest of the story..."

I had hit bottom in about all areas of my life, personal relationship, my job, my finances, my health, we´ve all been here one time or another. My outlook on life pretty much, well, sucked. You know when you have those moments in life, you have those come to Jesus meetings. Well I was there and doing some serious soul searching. That is when I remembered something my farther had told me while I was growing up. Whenever I was having a tough time or struggling with something, he would sit me down and look me in the eyes and would say to me over and over and over, be positive about whatever the situation you are in. He would explain how you had 2 ways of looking at any situation you were in. You can find the silver lining in what was happening or say, well, this sucks. It is not that either way is wrong but my Dad´s point was, which way do you want to perceive what is happening to you.

That was my ´ah-ha´ moment for me to quit feeling sorry for poor ol´ Roger. I changed my thinking and my life began to change for the better immediately, amazing, it really does work. I started taking better care of myself, started to date, quit my job. Good changes were happening in my life, things were moving in the right direction.

My reason ´Why´: I was going out on dates, taking women to bars and nightclubs having a good time. However at the end of the night I would take them home and after leaving not feel like I really had the chance to get to know them that well. After thinking about it, it became obvious, way too many distractions going on, loud music, large crowds, people yelling, simply put - to many things going on to have a meaningful conversation. Another ´Ah-ha´ moment - that is when I made a conscious decision to go to dinner on our first date. What a difference it makes when we can actually sit, listen, learn and really get to know our date. What a novel concept, I know, But it works!

Let me ask you a question, who doesn´t love to eat out, from the hole in the wall joint to a 5 star restaurant? Well I do! Putting together my enjoyment of dining out....with dating - Perfect! That my friends is how FindOneToday came to be. FindOneToday is a cool, easy to use, recommending dinner dates dating site that helps you find the magic that we are all looking for. Check out ´50 Date Ideas´, there will be something in there you will like to try. Plus you have a chance each week to Win a $100.00 Dinner Date on me. This is my way of helping remind you of the importance of the ´Dinner Date´, as Nike says, "Just Do It!"

Thank you again for checking out my site and if you know anyone else who is searching for their better half, please suggest FindOneToday - Much Appreciated!!

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The Magic is Closer Then You Think,

Roger Linde

P.S. If you have any suggestions for my site, email me as I personally read all of them